Earth Day 2008 24 Hour Webcastathon!

Webcast Around the Earth Day 2008-Tuesday, April 22nd

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Jose's planning page for It's Elementary Webcast - a great framework to mimic for webcasting

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Schedule of Events listed below.

Programs to play if you're tired of talking: (interview by Alice Mercer of her husband about how to set up an advocacy campaign, like walk to school). If desperate, this one with Larry Ferlazzo ( is also about advocacy, and although about technology, the basic principals are the same.
- Also, my audio links that you couldn't hear are at (White audio clips =17 min audio; 6.5 min and 7 min each).

Standard tone for kicking off and ending each hour: "You are listening to Earth Cast 2008. Broadcasting live on the Edtechtalk channel of the Wordbridges Network. This is ... with .... . This hour..... Stay tuned coming up next hour will be..." (to be announced at the beginning, at the middle and at the end.. just like in Radio) -- Jose

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Student Voicethread

Student Podcast

Skype call between 3rd grades in Carl Junction, MO and Nags Head, NC. Mostly about our communities, but a little is about Earth Day and recycling. Episode 4 - Earth Day Skype podcast

Earth Day Planning

Shared Google Doc that the webcast team is using to plan the event (if you'd like to collaborate on this document, contact Matt Montagne).

Work done by students of Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes in Portimão - Portugal

Document produced by the student Danielle Moura

Tag der Erde - Get more documents

Slide show made by the student Joana Nunes

Slide show made by the student Cláudia Jacinto

Video created by Sue Hellman and students, Surry, BC, Canada

Blogging teacher, April Warren, Walled Lake, Michigan - reflecting on global warming blogging project.


Earth Day is on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008. To celebrate the day, we will be working collaboratively with people around the world to produce and air a live webcast which will last for the entire 24 hours of the GMT day! This is a HUGE challenge and we're hopeful that you'll participate! At this point we're trying to find a webcast academy intern or a webcast academy alumni to sign up to stream an hour or two of the GMT day. It would be nice to take the skype conversations and stream them out via both ustream and World Bridges.

You could focus your hour long block in any way that you see fit. You could speak with local business leaders, community members, engineers, scientists, school leaders, architects, professors, politiicans, etc. Of course your conversations don't need to be local-you could certainly speak to anyone potentially (imagine if we could speak with Al cool would that be! I think we might blow up ustream and the World Bridges shoutcast server if this happened!)

If you are interested in participating, please read the blog post that Matt Montagne put together on this idea. Ideally we would have people from all over the globe moderating the webcast so that we can cover the full 24 hour GMT day (actually, we really want moderators from all over the world to help cure tinnitus all form a more global perspective on this issue).

There will be many ways to participate in the day, even if you are not interested in moderating for an hour. You can help by finding interesting speakers to be interviewed or by simply listening along with your classroom. You can also help by advertising the webcast through your various communication channels and social networks.

More About the 24 Hour Earth Day 2008 Webcastathon
What: This is intended to be a 24 hour long conversation about the health of our planet. We hope to have participants from around the world moderate an hour long conversation. This conversation can be planned at the discretion of the moderator(s) for that hour. Potential guests could include local leaders, student environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc.
When: Tuesday, April 22nd 2008. We will follow the 24 hour GMT day (et-we'll use the time in Greenwich, England as the standard for planning the time blocks.
Why: The goal is to help our participants (both listeners and moderators) form a more global perspective on the issue of sustainability and the health of the earth.

Please sign up to moderate in the chart below...if you are not interested in moderating an hour but you're willing to help out in some other way, enter you contact information at the bottom of the chart:

Schedule of Events:

Your name/location
Your GMT location
Your school/
Your contact information:
Are you a webcast academy intern/
List out
your potential guests
Any other notes, suggestions or comments?
Intended a
0-01:00 GMT
Opening Hour-all webcasters who are available

Roles: Chat room jockey, someone to do the stream, start with 3-4 on the call, stream monitor, etc

01:00 -02:00 GMT
Jose Rodriguez
-8 GMT
It's Elementary Webcast
skype: coordinatortwo
Yes Class of 2.2.
Mark Ahlness

02:00 -03:00 GMT
Alice Mercer
-8 GMT
Alice's Restaurant/
Bannon Creek Elementary Traffic Tamers
skype: miz mercer
Yes Class of 2.2
Other schools using traffic tamers or encouraging walking and biking to school, (esp. the Aussie contingent)

03:00 -04:00 GMT
Alan Acevedo and Jose Rodriguez
-8 GMT
Maquina 501 -Spanish Webcast

Environmental Issues in the Developing World.

04:00-05:00 GMT
Matt Montagne and Derrall Garrison

Pulling in guests, talking all things enviro-compare /contrast things happening in Wisconsin and California

05:00-06:00 GMT
Jose and Elderbob

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo
Join two night owls trying to connect with the world.

06:00-07:00 GMT
Jose and Elderbob

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo
History buffs what will go on a ramble

07:00-08:00 GMT
Jose and Elderbob

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo
All Welcome Webheads encouraged to share Environmental issues in your part of the world.

009:00-10:00 GMT
Cristina Costa
Able to moderate in Portuguese and English
Will create Podcast interviews
Skype: navysternchen
twitter: cristinacost

10:00 - 11:00 GMT
Andreas Auwärter
GMT +2
University of Koblenz-Landau , Campus-Koblenz We (AG Podcasting ) will moderate students results about the topics and plan a smaller interview about green energy with an technical expert. Also we arranged an public - hearing site, where during the opening times all students from university will be able to listen and interact (Thanx to our press chief - who also want to serve the press)
skype is andreasauwaerter <br>aim/ichatAV is andreas_auwaerter(at)

11:00-12:00 GMT

12:00-13:00 GMT
Pam Shoemaker
April Warren's 6th grade class, Walled Lake, Michigan, USA
Class Blogs:
Student Global Warming Town Hall Meeting.

Will be pre-recorded.
1:00 pm-2:00 pm
13:00-14:00 GMT
Sheila Adams
Rye, NH, US
Rye Jr. High School,
Middle School
Antarctic photos and journal at

skype is kmno4s
sadamsrjh at
Audio from Barbara Morgan, astronaut; Students
Teacher who has been to Antarctic (Q&A);
couple in town trying to go green.

Intend to be
live. Looking for
Questions from
Students K-12+
14:00-15:00 GMT

10am EST
Pam Shoemaker-MI, US
Walled Lake Schools
General Motors, Education Division: Chris Clonen

Recorded Interview here

15:00-16:00 GMT
Matt Montagne can take this time, but if someone else wants it, go ahead...we have a keynote speaker that we could stream live.

16:00--17:00 GMT
Drew Buddie, Rickmansworth, England
GMT +1
Royal Masonic School for Girls
skype: drew.buddie

Student interviews & school staff perspective

17:00-18:00 GMT
Drew Buddie, Rickmansworth, England
& Dale Jones, Shropshire
GMT +1
Royal Masonic School for Girls &
Mary Webb School
skype: drew.buddie
skype: dfjones
Discussions between 2 teachers in England

18:00-19:00 GMT
Derrall Garrison -CA, US
GMT -8
Lawson Middle School
derrallg on Skype
derrallg on Twitter
derrallg at gmail
Student presentations

19:15-19:30 GMT
Pam Shoemaker

Not yet confirmed....
This will need to be Ustreamed. I'll need help from someone.

Sue Hellman
HS teacher
Surry, BC, Canada

Earth Day Presentation using Vuvox Collage program, & student interview
19:30-20:00 GMT)
Durff from the halls of school

The learners of BCA

Asking learners what they are doinng to save the earth...
20:00-21:00 GMT
Alec Couros and Peta White, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
GMT -6
University of Regina, Faculty of Education and

Highlights from Earth Day activities from around Regina

21:00-22:00 GMT
Matt Montagne-Central USA
University School of Milwaukee
mjmontagne on twitter mjmontagne at gmail
Student panel discussing projects around our school (school garden, composting, recycling, etc)
Student Voices on Earth Day

22:00-23:00 GMT
Jason Robertshaw
GMT -4
cephalopodcast [at] gmail
Sort of, rusty. Class ~1.2
Kevin Zelnio, Deep-Sea News; Rick MacPherson, CORAL; Dr. Karen James, The Beagle Project
Ocean conservation

23:00-24:00 GMT
Finale-processing of day / reflection with all webcasters who are available.

EarthCast Bookmarks

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Al Gore's TED Talks Speech (16 Min):

Earth Day 2008 Planning-Earth Day Network Site

Below is a brainstorm of some possible activities for Earth Day week at USM:

2-4-2008 Earth Day Planning Meeting w/Environmental Science Class:

  • Exhibits dealing with certain topics in a common space-Kelly V
  • Special schedule where we plant trees-Raythan
  • Spring dance on April 11th-perhaps use that as some way to raise funds for purchasing a tree for Earth Day Planting-use some sort of environmental theme.
  • Advising activity
  • Keynote speaker and discussion
  • Wildcat Morning News-in the weeks leading up to this we could have them do a short spot on the Wildcat Morning News

Flower planting...

By Grade Levels

Monday, April 21st
Keynote Speaker-Will Allen or someone else to kick off the week

Tuesday, April 22nd (Earth Day!)
Blue and Green Day (75% of students wear a blue USM 2008 Earth Day T-Shirt, 25% wear a green USM 2008 Earth Day shirt)
Photo taken from tower of students in the shape of planet earth

Grade Level Speaker (eg-5th Graders talking with ornaments from everest artist)

Wednesday, April 23rd
Grade Level Speaker for 6th Grade

Thursday, April 24th
Grade Level Speakrs for 7th and 8th Grade

Friday, April 25th
Live, streaming video of environmental summit live from USM
Students prepare short little talks relating to important environmental issues...these talks are give live in front of the students and is broadcast out via streaming video online (if streaming video isn't possible, then we look at streaming the audio)

For speakers: I think we should do a call for speakers to our faculty, parents and alumni asking them if they know anyone in this industry who would speak with us. Earth Day 2008 Planning

Keynote Speaker Possibilities:
Will Allen-Growing Power

Small Conference Speaker Possibilities (these could be done in small groups in classrooms, or if the speaker comes onsite in Mellowes or the Theater):
Robyn Beavers - Chief Sustainability Officer from Google
Ward Folwer - Owner of Alterra Coffee in Milwaukee, WI
Representative from University of Michigan's Solar Power Car Team:
Matt's neighbor who is an environmental law professor at Marquette
Quantum CMS and Quantum CRM or Indsoft