January Project Check-ins (cut and paste the following information into your wiki for this course. Include everything from here on down to the horizontal grey line).

Project planning resource guide completed?

Project idea chosen and approved by Mr. M/Mr. Jacobs?

Action plan/next steps: Take a moment in the space below to reflect upon the next several steps that you and your partner will be taking. In addition to your action plan, please create a timeline by month. Our goal is to have your projects wrapped up by mid-May.

Time Line:


March (we are on vacation the last 2 weeks of March)


May (DC Trip for 8th Graders)

Project Possibilities:

Throughout your project, you must do the following:
1. Document your experience with photos, videos, and reflections in the form of a wiki
2. Create some type of culminating presentation (a video

Upon completion of your project, you must present your project. The manner in which you present is completely up to you.

Project Planning Resource Guide
Your Names:

Surf through the web links and print resources with your partner to get a little background information on some potential projects. After you have spent a good amount of time perusing these resources, begin your brainstorming activity using this project planning resource guide.

>Cut and Paste this the following text into a wiki page called, "Project Planning."

Project Ideas-Brainstorm at least 5 different projects that you and your partner could work on-do not evaluate ideas at this point, just get them down:

Idea Evaluation-Evaluate each of your ideas on the following criteria:

Project Ideas
Impact on USM/local community
How achievable or realistic is the idea?
How "Global" is your topic?
How fun and interesting is the idea?






Rate each idea on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest

Topic Selection (must be approved by Mr. J and Mr. M)
Tally up totals in the final column on the chart and make your topic selection

Identify Potential Resources:

Human Resources (interviews, assistance, etc):

Community Resources (identify a few resources in the community that you could visit):

Web Resources (website links, videos, etc):

Print Resources (reference books, magazines, etc)

Global Connections:
What kind of potential for global connections does your project offer? Could you collect data from folks abroad about the issue?

Technology Resources:
How will you use technology to collaborate and pull this information together?

Culminating Project Idea Possibilities:
PSA Video, website to share knowledge, a VoiceThread, a series of blog postings about your experience, etc. Brainstorm out a few ideas for your