Middle School Environmental Science Class

Academic Year 2007-2008
1 X Per Cycle
Objectives/Key Points:
  • Recycling System-with divisional representation (Nicole in LS and ? In Upper School)
  • Composting-extend this to lower school classroomsGarden Maintenance/Improvements-try different growing techniques (5 gallon buckets)
  • Vermiculture
  • Special Project-Earth Day Week, Recycling Projects (Nike Shoes, Pumpkin Recycling, Cell Phone), notepad recycling project,
    Environmental Science Fair
  • Field Experiences: Urban Ecology Center, Growing Power, etc.
  • Renewables-clean energy, alternative energy, fuel cells, biofuels,
  • Issues of Water Resources-stormwater, pervious/impervious surfaces
  • Urban Planning Concept Project-stormwater runoff, architecture, landscaping
  • Develop and extend partnerships with community organizations(browns partner).
  • Have a party of some type-invite parents

Top 10 USM/Community Environmental Issues/Points to Consider
  1. Focus on Lower School to teach good habits!
  2. Rain collection systems-rain garden.
  3. Printing issues at this school
  4. School store-recycled products, better packaging
  5. End of school year recycling/clean-up
  6. Second life for old equipment-athletics, computer stuff (link up with Rummage sale)
  7. Encourage people to use re-useable water bottles by the water dispensers at our school