24 Hour Earth Day Webcastathon Planning Meeting
Sunday, April 27th @ 18:00 GMT
Topic: Summary of Earthcast 08

-Tying up lose ends
  • Audio editing and posting-who will do this and where it will be posted for archives
  • Are we missing any audio? If so, do we have backups anywhere?

-Thank you notes to special guests
  • Something that we can all give out to our guests...with a standard paragraph followed by something that is more customized to the particular guest...eg, "Dear .... On behalf of the entire Earthcast08 Team, we extend our gratitude and thanks for participating in this year's Earthcast08 project, a 24 hour webcastathon about the health of hour planet. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to have a conversation with us. While we're not exactly certain about the project's reach, we know that throughout the day we had listeners participate in schools from many different countries and continents. "

-Round table discussion on thoughts about the event
  • Things that worked...things that didn't work

-Ideas for next year

-Ideas for a parallel event--something dealing with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Sunday, April 6th at 18:00 GMT

Participants: Please drop your name in the meeting attendees section at the end of the agenda below...this will give us a general idea on who will be attending on Sunday.

We'll need folks to take the following roles for this meeting: chat room jockey, google jockey, note taker (use the google doc if possible), and all-purpose-go-to person!

Meeting Topics:
Latest news and updates-roundtable
  • Welcome to our new team members
  • Thanks to everyone for getting the word out via twitter, blog posts, and your other network channels!
  • Any contacts in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa?? This would be helpful for coverage with some of the early morning GMT times.
  • Remember tagging scheme - earthcast08 for all content (blog posts, media publishing, etc)
  • Flickr Group tag your pictures: http://www.flickr.com/groups/723902@N23
  • Choose a theme for your hour if you'd like - something like, Transportation, Green Jobs, Renewable Energy, Toward Zero Waste, etc.
  • What time slots will be interactive? (looking for times when my students may possibly interact)

Technically Speaking:
  • how will we pass the torch from hour to hour?
    • standard tone = "You are listening to Earth Cast 2008. Broadcasting live on the Edtechtalk channel of the Wordbridges Network. This is ... with .... . This hour..... Stay tuned coming up next hour will be..." (to be announced at the beginning, at the middle and at the end.. just like in Radio) -- Jose
  • nail down the world bridges channel we'll be using. I suggest we use ETT A and ETT Ustram on ETT live page. (Jose)
  • Help with streaming for those who are interns/past interns
  • Streaming audio from sources such as YouTube, podcasts, etc to the skype conversation (Doug)
  • Getting the login information for the shoutcast server out to the team (Jeff)

The Day Itself:
  • Documentation...shall we use a google doc form to collect a little information from our listeners?
    • technorati tags. / Raw archive Page.. Perhaps Jeff can help us set it up. (Jose)
    • Special Remix of all audio to be posted on one File (I'll volunteer to post within 30 days / time capsule clips - Jose)
  • Save your content!!

Promotion-getting the word out
  • Thanks to Pam for putting together the flyer
  • Post the flyer in your commons rooms
  • selected emails to interested parties. I like to forward blog posts with special messages. I do this through bloglines (Jose)
  • Add forum posts to any Nings that you belong to. I know Alice is Classroom 2.0. We can mention it on Weekly meet-up also. (Jose) I am active in Cumputer Using Educators Ning with 500 members. I'll add it there also. (Jose)
  • Contact other Edtech talk webcasters for plugging (I heard WOW 2.0 talk about it) A plug the week before on the show. Giving them the text to plug in advance would help. (Jose)
  • twitter, twitter and more twitter! - Use Edtechtalk Twitter throughout the event prior to or at the beginning of each hour (Jose)

Final Planning Meeting
  • Date/Time: Let's try to pick a varied time to make it a little easier on our team members outside of North America

What else?? Feel free to modify/add to this agenda

Meeting Attendees: Drop your name below if you are attending this meeting (if you are willing to help out with one of the meeting roles from above, write that after your name if you can)
1. Matt Montagne
2. Andreas Auwärter
3. Jose Rodriguez
4. Sheila Adams
5. Jason Robertshaw
6. Derral Garrison
7. Lisa Durff
8. Doug Symington
9. Pam Shoemaker
10. Jeff Lebow